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This isn't required reading--most of the ways to get around are pretty intuitive--but there are some shortcuts to getting around, and we thought we'd let you know by listing them here.

  • You can use your keyboard to go from one card to the next, when you are looking at a single full-size image on the page. Might be easier than clicking the arrows.

  • To get to that point, though, you can click through the hierarchy of pages, and finally get to the level where you can view the individual cards. Or, by clicking on the menu on the left on the style and price you want, you will save yourself a few clicks and, perhaps, your train of thought.

  • If you don't see the menu--the whole list of items all down the left side of the page--click on the word 'menu' in front of 'home' at the top left.

  • That line (at the top left--starting with "menu » home") is called a navigation bar because you can get to a page named there by just clicking on the name.